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Acquire, alter, explore and report on capacious data to derive actionable business
insights and unearth new business models.

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Analytics Offerings

Sailotech is an enterprise business consulting company offering solutions to enterprises across the globe. Driven by passion for customer satisfaction, we believe in efficiently delivering promised business outcome to customers, and we work towards making their strategies real.

Sailotech has versatile industry experience in implementing solutions with focus on innovation, quality and analytical approach that addresses various business scenarios. These solutions are thoughtfully designed to meet our strategic objective – Transform Forward, Faster – that enables us to deliver immediate and long-term value for our customers.

Warranty analytics

Warranty is a universal challenge for most of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide. Manufacturers, on an average, spend 2.5% to 8% of their revenue on warranty costs. Below is a snapshot of some integral warranty elements and their effect on warranty costs, thus emphasizing the huge potential for immediate cost savings in the warranty function.

To avert this issue, we have developed Full Life Cycle Warranty Analytics (FLCWA®), with extensive study and analysis with major companies for last four years. FLCWA® frameworks develop various models and identify invisible issues and encourage, empower and enable the organizations to deliver product and services flawlessly. In the context of FLCWA®, the OEM’s are made aware and accountable for the product quality, safety and compatibility of all the components in the BOM. To summarize, FLCWA® is:

Warranty Elements
Fraudulent claims (Duplicate claims, part with failure code mismatch, repeat claims for similar failure codes, and more.)
Warranty part not returned (or untraceable)
Supplier recovery cost
Part defect costs
Administrative overhead costs
Potential Impact
3-11% of total claims
5-10% of total claims
10-15% of total warranty cost
~40% of total warranty cost
~22% of total warranty cost
  • Centre of Excellence founded in the principles of reducing warranty claims, improving safety and suggesting financial measures for cost reduction.
  • A part of CEO or chairman dashboard covering all aspects of full life cycle warranty management.
  • An interactive analysis and decision support center for stakeholders.
Learn more about FLCWA ®

Manufacturing Analytics

Data and analytics can help tremendously in improving operational efficiencies and businesses processes, and transform business models in manufacturing. There is a huge effort spent for manufacturing costs, quality and maintenance for each operation.
Sailotech’s Full Life Cycle Manufacturing Analytics (FLCMA) TM enables manufacturers to leverage insights from data to reduce maintenance cost, increase production quality and productivity to continuously improve business performance. FLCMATM enables taking informed decisions, bringing stability and efficiency to the manufacturing process. FLCMATM business benefits:

  • Improve quality by detecting defects and quality issues
  • Predict future demand trends
  • Analyze machine utilization
  • Predict failure and recommend proactive maintenance for production and moving equipment
  • Optimize complex manufacturing process in real-time
  • Track orders from placing to fulfillment
  • Optimize complex manufacturing processes
  • Identify root causes for low production

Sensor Data Analytics

With the advancement of technology, the number of sensor-enabled intelligent devices has grown exponentially and the need to analyze the data generated by them has become vital. This wealth of information needs efficient methods of classification and analysis. Organizations leverage the sensor data analytics to uncover the strategic insights from them. The primary objective of sensor data analytics is to detect anomalies, prevent equipment failure and alert the systems in manufacturing companies. Sailotech’s deep expertise in analytics enables failure detection, schedule predictive maintenance, predict breakdown, maximize equipment life and more. Leverage the tailor-made and ready-to-use solutions for machine diagnostics, predictive maintenance, demand forecasting and much more.

ATM Analytics

Use of the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) has grown exponentially over the past few years due to its ease of use, increased functionality, proximity to high foot and vehicle traffic areas, and customer adaptation to technology. ATMs are the main source of information for gathering information like, users, locations, frequency, time, type of transactions, amount of transaction, and how various networks are and applications are responding to the transactions. Using such data, the banks can:

  • Increase revenue of the ATM channel
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Improve the availability of ATM machines
  • Detect fraudulent card usage
  • Get periodic transactional details
  • Enable the business users to generate insights, ATM performance, etc.

Insurance Analytics

Unsteady loyalties, natural perils, amplified competition and stringent regulatory environment are the key constraints faced by various enterprises.

Our approach makes way for quick insights to help enterprises remain ahead of the curve with the solutions that can adapt themselves to changing scenarios, users and business requirements through a comprehensive set of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

We harness the power of advanced Insurance Analytics to assist in fraud detection, customer churn, re-insurance & re-investment, customer retention, cross-sell & upsell, and underwriting profitability.

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