Digital Image Capturing

Sailotech Digital Image Capturing tool for effective data capture from Documents using OCR to eliminate Manual data entry.

The one technology that plays decisive underlying role in your Organization’s ability to complete the digital transformation strategy: Optical Character Recognition.
The tools eases the template configuration and extraction tasks, reducing our manual effort significantly.
Process document images and PDFs
Machine Learning based data extraction
AI- Enabled Data capture
Handles multiple document templates
Supports multi-language
Seamlessly Integrates with your Document Management solution
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Enabling Flexibility in Processes with a Cloud ready Platform

  • Pandemic has forced virtualisation of People, Processes and Technology
  • Majority cite eliminating paper and reducing manual tasks as their number ONE priority
  • Multi-tenant processing
  • Costs less to correct OCR errors than human errors
  • OCR enabled Data Traceability
API Based
EDI enabled
Device Integrations
First steps towards Digital Transformation

Sailotech’s Digital Image Capturing tool integrates seamlessly with different applications to get closer to your business goals

Accelerate efficiencies
Paper based documents in different formats and languages can be processed in machine readable text.
Boost Intelligence
Combining AI & ML to make OCR intelligent to interpret meaning from digital documents
Process Automation
Rule based business operations RPA can be fully automated upon effective OCR
Data Traceability
Digitizing documents save tons of time, enabled data search and reduces costs.
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Invoices / Bills / Payment advices

Average department saving per processing, of document with workflow


Assured reduction in manual effort towards processing of documents

Delivery Notes
Inspection / Quality Documents

Configured document processing winner rate


Working days, Implementation timeframe

CV Processing / HR Onboarding

Rest full services available for captured data. Output of data are available t in JSON , .xls ,txt, csv formats


Server is availability in AWS. Leveraging its security /backup facilities. and UI is accessed using HTTPS

Image Enrichment

Improving the image quality and auto orientation of images in a readable way

Document Classification

Classification of incoming documents using deep learning techniques


Data Validations for OCR text accuracy and information Patterns using contentious learning by ML.

Multi Channel Documents Fetch

Email, FTP, Drop-box,Google Drive.. Etc and cloud storage devices.


Log Reports for all successfully processed, partially processed and failed .


Notifications by Email