Services Overview

We aim to offer the best services for our valued customers and ensure that they understand as well as utilize the wide range of features available with each of our cutting edge solutions. Our dedicated team of experts are keen to understand the customer requirements and customize each solutions accordingly in a professional manner.

Unlock the Potential of Our Digital Transformation Services


Transformation - Your Digital Blueprint
Understand your current digital landscape of all software applications - both COTS & custom - and develop the right digital strategy in cognizant with the organizational short & long term goals.
Legacy Application Maintenance
Build action plan towards the management of your existing legacy applications by outsourcing the support and maintenance to let your organization focus on digital adoption and innovation.
Management and Support of Multi-Cloud Environments
Application migration to Cloud can be advantageous based on the approach. We ensure offering the best approach that is agile, fast, cost-competitive, flexible, and elastic.
Data Strategy
Harness the outcome-driven data strategy which defines how your company will collect, store, manage, share, and use data, covering all the business, technical, and organizational aspects.


Cloud Computing & Readiness Assessment
Assessing your organization for Cloud readiness and determining an ideal Cloud architecture to ascertain smooth transformation to achieve short or long term objectives, legacy infrastructure, security, and compliance needs.
Cloud Automation Services
Automation in the Cloud environment is key to your successful Cloud deployment journey for migration and continuous optimizations involving DevOps practices like Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. We extend our expertise in architecting a robust and secure approach.
Full Cloud Migration Services
Your organization’s digital assets, resources, and services/applications are deployed in the Cloud. This involves the complete migration of all physical and virtual servers as well as the key and critical applications.


Custom Application Development Transformation
Custom development offers you exclusivity in designing and building complicated solutions matching your exact needs. We carry proven expertise in building framework-based solutions using evolving technology. We offer complete end-to-end support, right from building a robust product to final implementation, maintenance, and customer support.
Application Integration Development Services
We specialize in application integration and development services that link your applications including third-party applications and websites via standard or custom APIs. This is essential in achieving technology rationalization, data unification, reducing redundancy, and taking faster and accurate decisions.
DevOps Services
DevOps enables feature-based agile development, promotion, support, and enhancement allowing frequent updates especially Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).
Mobile Application Development
We offer enterprise mobile application development across your platforms and devices with secure application integration, enabling your employees to work remotely, while boosting productivity and extending access to critical activities.
Advanced Data Analytics
Our ultimate goal is to make you a truly data-driven enterprise. Following an integrated approach combined with the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, our multi-disciplinary team is committed to employing exceptional technologies for delivering digital transformation.
Automation of Regression Testing
Sailotech offers solutions to expedite regression testing and stabilize processes by automating the complete testing process. The client is a leading payment gateway company, headquartered at USA and is committed to...
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Enabled Digital Factory through Automation
Sailotech leveraged on Mobility, Data Lake, and Analytics to slicken their shop floor activities in order to automate processes at every point of use. The client is a leading electronics component manufacturing company...
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Integrated Digital Factory
Adoption of Industry 4.0 envisages intelligent, interconnected machines, products, and systems autonomously communicating towards optimizing the entire value chain.
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Robotizing Our Onboarding Process
We leveraged digital innovation with Robotic process automation. This emerging technology is greatly beneficial for organizations which helped us see improved business...
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